Waltham Forest Hospital

Waltham Forest Hospital Waltham Forest Hospital Waltham Forest Hospital

Client: Rydon Construction

Location: Walthamstow, North London

The site of this new Community Centre at Waltham Forest was a former NCP car park - the site was logistically challenging, being sandwiched between 2 adopted roads. Space issues were further compounded as the site was the footprint of the building and to alleviate storage issues, one of the roads was suspended for a limited period.

The existing car park's tarmac surface was removed, piled foundations with reinforced concrete pile caps, ground beams, shear walls and stair cores were then cast within the superstructure steel framework.

Internal foul and surface water drainage laid below the ground bearing reinforced concrete slab, with the connections hvaing to be made within the public highway.

A play area with specialist play surface was constructed to the southwest courtyard.