Tulse Hill Station

Tulse Hill Station Tulse Hill Station Tulse Hill Station Tulse Hill Station Tulse Hill Station

Client: Govia Thameslink Railway

Location: Tulse Hill

Removal of existing canopy and diversion of electric and CCTV feeds and temporary bracing was fabricated and installed to support existing structure.

Construction of a new station canopy. Due to restricted access and line possessions the design incorporated screw piling foundations, with the excavation of 9 pile cap pits by hand. Diversion of drainage, CCTV as well as S&T ducting, through night work. This was completed by the use of temporary support by installing polystyrene blocks to fill the pile caps with a temporary surface applied over the top and during possession removed all the polystyrene blocks piled positions set out and the nominated contactor completing in two 27 hour possessions.

Due to the nature of the island platform all excavated material had to removed by hand off the platform. During the excavation of the pile caps extensive obstructions were found which had not been identified in previous scans. Therefore we had to use a small excavator fitted with an hydraulic breaker—due to the positioning of the platforms the excavator had to be lifted onto the platform during the second possession.