Tomotherapy Unit

Tomotherapy Unit Tomotherapy Unit Tomotherapy Unit

Client: Galliford Try

Location: East Sussex

Situated within an existing NHS property, the lower ground floor had been set aside for the construction of 2no. radio therapy units.

The existing ground floor was broken out and removed from within a fully occupied six storey building. The proposed foundation layout was excavated in phases to allow for underpinning and 'stitching' works to take place. Extensive spoils removed using compact equipment due to the restricted head height and access into the building. All mobile equipment was fitted with exhaust filters to reduce omissions. Reinforced concrete ground beams were shuttered to form new bunker walls. On completion all working space was backfilled and a sacrificial reinforced concrete running slab was installed to allow for the construction of bunker walls and soffit.Insulation was placed on inside of bunker walls upon which complex troughing and ducting details were fabricated. Minor alterations to the existing external works and to the surface and foul water drainage.