Ewell East Station

Ewell East Station Ewell East Station Ewell East Station Ewell East Station

Client: Southern Railway

Location: Ewell East, Surrey

Drivepoint Contractors was the Principal Contractor on this project which consisted of the construction of two DDA ramps to Ewell East Station.

The South ramp was situated direct onto the platform, with the North ramp and staircase situated outside the main station.

Ewell East Station is elevated off the public highway, so both the platform and the station required retaining prior to forming the new ramps.

Contiguous piling was installed using compact rigs due to restricted working space.  Both ramps were constructed from RC.  The North ramp required the construction of a new insitu staircase to allow for the new ramp to be incorporated.

The staircase had to be constructed prior to the removal of the original staircase,  This removal was completed during engineering hours to minimize disruption.

The installation of lighting, CCTV and handrails were completed as part of this project, together with minor building works, including the installation of a new ticket window and counter and the installation of two new booking hall electronically operated doors.