Croydon College

Croydon College Croydon College Croydon College Croydon College

Client: Haymills

Location: Croydon, Surrey

Construction of a 7 storey rotunda entrance hall to Croydon College. This project involved a severely restricted site access, which meant careful logistical planning and management of site was essential. 

Bulk reduce level dig within the confinements of the existing buildings and adjoining car park. Substantial temporary works which consisted of sheet piling and hydraulic whalers and strutts.

The foundations had to be piled, in order to gain access for the piling rig, a ramp was formed for the rigs access/agress. This ramp was subsequently removed during piling and then replaced for the extraction of the rig.

The remaining spoil was then removed to enable installation of ground floor slab which was 1M thick.

In order to construct the front retaining wall, the hydraulic whalings required 3 no. in situ thrust blocks to be cast within the ground floor slab itself to maintain support until the front wall had cured sufficiently to receive back filling.

All vertical reinforced concrete columns were cast in situ - upon which the ground floor slab was cast. Remaining 5 further floors were taken up in the structural steel work