Bolnore School

Bolnore School Bolnore School Bolnore School Bolnore School

Client: ROK

Location: Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Construction of a brand new primary school within Bolnore Village. This was a very unusual project in that all the existing vegetation including roots, trees and topsoil were retained and transported within the new housing estate, which forms part of the village, creating various forms of wildlife habitation including squirrel runs.

A bulk reduced cut and fill was completed for the creation of a new sports pitch, together with the footprint of the main school building, playground and car park area.

The main building comprised of a main reinforced concrete frame with a reinforced concrete retaining wall, dividing the low and high levels with strip foundations to the upper levels.

Extensive foul and surface water drainage, extensive trenching
works for ground heat source, long radius retaining wall to
formulate playground at upper level and comprehensive external
works within the site and Section 278 Works external to site.